Annual General Meeting 2017

On June 6, the board, staff, and members of Program Read were treated to a very enjoyable evening. The event was Program Read’s 2017 Annual General Meeting.  This year is our 30th anniversary. To celebrate we hosted a special presentation by Dr. Nadine Robinson about “Self-Talk”.  The audience was very responsive and learned some good tips for boosting self-confidence by using positive self-talk techniques.

Nadine followed her presentation with a very interesting “communication” game/demonstration in which an audience member was asked to give clear instructions on how to carry out what we think of as an everyday activity.  This turned out to be not as easy as it sounds and generated some loud laughter in the audience. We quickly learned how difficult but important it is to communicate clearly and precisely what we mean, in order to avoid being misunderstood.

The Program Read staff and board of directors would like to extend a warm thank you to Nadine Robinson for her dynamic presentation and to all those who came out to the 2017 AGM.  We look forward to  another productive and successful year in 2017-2018 thanks to the hard work of all of our volunteer tutors, students, staff, and board members.



Volunteer of the Year 2017

Congratulations to Pat Muto

Pat is Program Read’s Volunteer of the Year and received his award from the Sault Ste. Marie Volunteer Association at their annual dinner and awards ceremony on April 28, 2017.

Way to go Pat and thanks for all of your hard work and time given as a one-to-one tutor and classroom helper at Program Read.

30th Anniversary Event

The creative writing workshop presented by Shawna Diane Partridge marked another successful event for Program Read celebrating 30 years helping adults learn.


Volunteer of the Year 2016

Program Read is pleased to announce that our Volunteer of the Year for 2016 is Roxanne Rissanen, CEO/Director of Public Libraries, Sault Ste. Marie. She has been a valuable member of our volunteer Board of Directors since 2009.  Roxanne and other dedicated volunteers like her are the reason Program Read has been such a success for the past 29 years.

A celebration of this year’s nominated volunteers was held April 15, hosted by United Way Volunteer Sault Ste. Marie.  Roxanne was accompanied by Program Read Coordinator, Lucille Carson, and other guests from Program Read.

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